Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Photography: Shooting Gymnastics

I've got my first NCAA D-I gymnastics shoot coming up this Friday.  I've been shooting the University of Utah women's gymnastics team for about 5 years now.  I enjoy everything about it--great sport, very successful program, wonderful atmosphere.  It's a great gig.  But with each new season, I face a seemingly increasing challenge to find a way to keep it fresh and exciting.  Not the shooting itself.  That's always exciting and I spend days prior to each meet thinking about and planning my shooting strategies.  I'm talking about the photos that result.  With the same four events every year, located in the same place in the same arena, same lighting....well, it kinda feels like I've been there and done that.  Thankfully there are a few new competitors each year to add a bit of variety, but that's not nearly as significant as a completely new angle or creative approach might be.  Another issue is that some of the more creative (to me) things I've tried have resulted in shots my client wasn't very excited about.  Clean, high-quality action images of the athletes performing is what I'm being paid to provide.  Thus far, my search for something 'new' and 'different' appears to have been at odds with that assignment.  Not always, but often enough to add a sense of caution to the process.

Two days to think it through.  Chances are I'll go at the first meet conservatively, re-orient myself to the venue and the sport.  Convince myself I can get the job done.  Then I can start thinking about where I might go from there.

A few shots from last year's season:


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